Network is the online directory of suppliers to the animal feed, aquafeed,
petfood, grain & rice processing, milling and biomass industries

Network is your online A-Z of suppliers to the animal feed, aquafeed, petfood industries, grain & rice processing and milling industries, and biomass industry. Network contains contact information on a wide variety of suppliers and contractors within these industries, you will also find direct links to their own websites.

Network can be browsed by company, branch or product, making it a highly specialised search engine. With just a few mouse clicks you can find all the information you need.

Also, most of the listed companies can be found at one or several of the FIAAP/VICTAM/GRAPAS events. Use Network to find background information on the suppliers you want to meet and the products you are interested in. Armed with all this additional knowledge, your visits to the shows will undoubtedly be efficient and successful!

Please note that Network is not a list of exhibitors for any of our exhibitions. See the exhibition pages for exhibitor lists.


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